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Pellet Machınes

What is pellet ?

The Bromoss Fuel (Pellet) industrial wood residue through the processing of forest residues small particles that are used to gain energy by increosing the density it has a cylindrical form, it is usally small preces 6-8mm in diameter and 10-30mm' in length.


The main purpose of campacting powder feeds; to remove same of the problems experienced in powedered foods.


Dust is mixed with dust during consumption of feeds and it causes various lung and respiratory disorders in animals in addition the powder can be consumed reluctontly by the animals due to the feed odar  whereas pelletsare consumed by animals for their taste of feed and smell more pleasantly



*High digestibility. 

*Decreased feed loss due to animal' s esting hobbit.

*Providing the absorption of the animal' s bowels in the bowels rather than the oath.

* Higher milk yield.

*Higher meat consumption in less time in the natives.

*Redvced feed storage cost and increased durability.

*Longer stroge life.

*The presence of moldy mildew and hormful bacteria is minimal


*Large and small fattening feed

*Poultry feed *Fish meal *Whole grain groups *Strow and clover *Vermicompost *Leonardit

*Chicken manure *Special blends 

System  Model Engine  Capactiy Diamater of
LM ALS Mini 250 10hp/7,5kw 50-75 (kg/hour) 6 mm
LM ALS 300 300 30hp/22kw 150-200 (kg/hour) 8 mm
LM ALS 350 350 40hp/30kw 250-350 (kg/hour) 8 mm
LM ALS 400 400 60hp/45kw 400-600 (kg/hour) 10 mm
LM ALS 500 500 100hp/75kw 800-1000 (kg/hour) 10 mm
LM ALS 550 550 125hp/90kw 1200-1500 (kg/hour) 10 mm